Ben Pierce

Ota Benga

March 9

opening reception 6-10pm

Exhibit Pics HERE

show runs March 9 - 31


Ota Benga was a Congolese boy put on display in the Louisiana Purchase Exposition during the 1904 World’s Fair, as well as in a human zoo exhibit in 1906 at the Bronx Zoo. Benga’s story was the genesis of a series of new works exploring the effects of dehumanization experienced by immigrant, forcibly transplanted and indigenous communities. Once one is seen as less than human, how does one turn the burden of that perception into something powerful and beautiful? To illustrate the journey from this imposed weight of prejudice back into a reaffirmation of self, I’ve created characters which are amalgams of birds, endemic to the countries of origin of many of my friends. As pieces progress, the birds transcend into a redefined humanity, turning their burdens into magical cloaks and headdresses.


Phil Jarvis

From Life

New drawings and paintings

Exhibit images HERE

opening reception Friday February 9 from 6-10pm

Show runs Feb 9 - 24



Jon Cournoyer

I Am Awake

November 3 - 26

Opening reception Nov 3rd 6-10pm

Exhibit pics HERE

Artist conversation and refreshments Sunday Nov 5th

from noon to 3 with artist talk at 2



new work from KILLER NAPKINS

Exhibit Pics HERE

Oct 13th - 28th

Opening reception friday 13th 6-10pm

Free and open to the public


Screwed Arts Collective

Alley Oops

July 7 - 29

Exhibit pics Here

Opening reception July 7 from 6-10pm

Featuring new and collaborative work from -

Cheeraz Gormon

Bryan Walsh

Jacob Berkowitz

Christopher Burch

Jason Spencer

Stan Chisholm 18&C

Justin Tolentino

Daniel Burnett

Kris Mosby


Jacob Elior Berkowitz

The Silence is Shouting

Expressions in Partial Control

Exhibit images here

May 12 - 28

Opening reception May 12th 6-10pm


Michael Hoffman

order discord

New paintings

review by Eileen G'Sell

Exhibit images here

Opening reception Friday April 7th, 6-10pm

April 7 - April 29


Jeremy Rabus


Exhibit pics here

Opening reception Friday March 10th, 6-10pm

March 10 - April 1

Artist talk Saturday April 1st, 1pm


Jason Rohlf

Ancient Astronauts

February 10th - March 4th

Opening reception February 10th, 6-10pm

Artist talk February 10th 7:30pm

Exhibit images HERE




new prints and drawings

Tom Lang

anything familiar here?

Exhibit pics HERE

January 20 - February 4th

opening reception January 20, 6-10pm

Gallery talk January 22, 12pm





December 2-31st

new work from Peat Wollaeger

Dec 2nd 6-10

Exhibit pics HERE


Metro Arts in Transit

Nov 4th 6-10pm

Public Exhibit of the 10 winning posters selected to be installed in over 200 Metro shelters.

Featuring artists:

Sarah Giannobile

Kahlil Irving

William LaChance


John Early

Mark Swain

Adrian Aquilino

Andrew Brandmeyer

Angela Vories

Erica Popp

More info here


Basil Kincaid and Audrey Simes


October 7 - 29

Opening and installation pics Here

Opening reception October 7 from 6-10pm
Installation and performance

Article in Hyperallergic by Mallory Nezam here

The Reclamation Project focuses on valuing community, diversity, heritage and inclusion all through a lens of creative recycling, reclaiming the debris of our collective past and present as a way to forge a new future. Using found objects, recycling creatively to address the interplay between poverty, consumerism, and environmentalism, Reclamation also focuses on Identity, exploring how ones surroundings effect their perception of self.

"To embark on an inward quest is a praxis of self realization that requires an acknowledgment of ones present context in concert with an understanding of the histories that we inhabit. This process calls us to confront our genetic, generational, and personal trauma that we may overcome it within the self. Collectively, as we journey inward we possess the capacity to heal as a people. Are we willing to go within?"



September 2 - 24

Jason Hoelscher

Iconographic Overdrive

Show images HERE

Eileen G'Sell review HERE


opening reception Sept 2nd 6-10pm


My paintings result from a determination to make art that can stand up to the rigors of
"official" art world aesthetic judgment and critique, while still possessing the visual impact and
oomph necessary to engage the vernacular glance of the everyday viewer. In other words, to
make paintings that operate within and contribute to the discursive entanglements of fine art,
while also being just plain cool enough to be worth looking at by a viewer who, whether
formally learned in contemporary art or not, is very visually sophisticated from a lifetime of
iconographic and logotypic training via mass media and corporate design.
As a slow medium in a fast culture, it seems to me that much of contemporary painting’s
potency and problematic tensions arise precisely because of its material condition as paint - as
an analog mode of cultural communication traditionally encoded for a nuanced, interpretive read.
Realistically, however, if an informed and interested art viewer today might give a painting only
a few seconds of attention, I believe there should be enough there to capture and reward interest
during that intensive, flashbulb burst of focus. This has led me to create paintings with an inyour-
face visual terseness, which I call short attention span paintings for short attention span
In addition to navigating the above disjunctions - discursively dense vs. cool to look at,
and slow consideration vs. fast glance - I work also to create densely-entwined, bare-minimal
representations of abstract depth as an overlay of visual data planes. To my mind such a mode of
painterly space is less similar to Renaissance-style pictorial depth or to flat, modernist opticality,
than to the flatnesses of tabbed, multilayered representations of information space.
Of course, like in-jokes and Easter eggs in a movie, the theoretical ideas and assertions
made above are there if people want to find them, but hopefully aren't necessary for a viewer's
enjoyment. My hope is that the viewer will take from or read into the paintings whatever works
best for them.
- Jason Hoelscher


July 15 6-10pm

Daniel Burnett

Ugly Window

New Work/Nothing For Sale

Images Here

paintings available by acts of faith

Soundset - 18AC


May 6 - 28

Albert Yowshein

Gonna Be Alright

Pics Here

Review by Daniel Stumeier in DailyServing

Opening reception Friday May 6th 6-10pm

"I feel that works of art should tell us about ourselves, and unite us as a people. With these paintings, it is difficult for me to explain specific details. It feels as though I am a stranger to the paintings. The process reveals my own mysterious principles and ideology. They expose my own identity to me better than I'm able to contemplate.

What I can be certain of is my concern for social values and sustainability. How we set the canon in the arts will directly affect these concerns. My work is an effort to build on top of the traditional view in which the arts influence our moral responsibilities and serve as an exponent towards the celebrations and challenges we face."


Brad Loudenback

Collage: Remnants of Europe

April 8 - 30

Show images Here

opening reception April 8th 6-9 with artist talk at 7

"The collages in this exhibition are interpretations of various cities across Europe. While working and traveling in Europe, I realized the method of assembling collages - with overlapping bits of paper and layers of transparent vellum - was analogous to the way cities are built and well suited to convey the story of rival cultural narratives as they merge over time. Yet, I think of these works more like color poems than historical analysis. Through juxtaposition and displacement these works allude to periods of turbulent history; but also convey ideas of harmonious adaptation in the effect of the designs."

Brad Loudenback - Professor of Art at Webster University



Benjamin Lowder

March 4th - 26th

Opening Friday March 4th 6 - 10pm

Artist talk Saturday March 5th 2 - 3pm

Images Here

'Babel' is an exhibition of assemblages by artist Benjamin Lowder built from reclaimed wood and vintage metal signage that echo the patterns found in natural growth structures. These works examine the limitations of language and math to express the spiritual aspect of material reality. The challenge to communicate the 'mystery of being' through our current symbol systems can result in babel.

'Babel' is the latest offering in the 'Myth, Math & Magic' series of works from Lowder that transforms industrial and consumer materials from the 20th century into totems expressing reverence for the divine.

"Personally, I'm still trying to cure myself of nostalgia for the 20th century by deconstructing these artifacts and reassembling them. These works transform objects born from competition and anxiety and reconfigure them to reflect the cooperative principle that brings beauty out of chaos." -

Benjamin Lowder

Hollywood Indian

'Cowboys and Indians'

February 5 - 27

Opening reception Friday February 5th 6-10 pm

Exhibit pictures Here

More about artist here - http://www.hollywoodindian.com/about.html

Jon Cournoyer

That is Why

December 4 - Jan 2

Opening reception Dec 4th 6-10 pm

Artist talk sunday dec 6 at 2pm

Exhibit images here

Christopher Burch

One Who Sings With No Tongue Is Either Damned Or Divine

November 13 - 28 2015

Opening reception Friday Nov 13th 7-11

Burch's fifth installment of his ever evolving graphic narrative, "The Missed Adventures of Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Death in the Land of Shadows." The trickster archetype is championed as an embodiment of ambiguity and ambivalence, calling into question fundamental assumptions about the way the world is organized and, at times, offering new possibilities of transforming it. Acting as the shadow, brother/sister, teacher, and enemy/ally of the historical southern trickster figure of "Br'er Rabbit", Burch's own character "Br'er Death" reveals that the trickster's antics are never comedic but serious gestures of resistance within a hostile environment. Burch not only re-contextualizes but also remixes the Br'er Rabbit folklore with his own afro-surreal aesthetics.

Show images here

Trailer to documentary here

Jamming, Wailing, and Soothsaying:

The Trickster Topologies of Christopher Burch

Br'er Rabbit lurking as morbid jester. A tattooed tongue criss-crossed with hemp. A griot clutching her gold-toothed skull, roses blooming from its sockets, life borne of the void, seeds from dust.

Immersed in "One Who Sings with No Tongue Is Either Damned or Divine," Christopher Burch's latest multimedia installation, a world unravels both seductively strange and woefully familiar. Burch tills history, waters it with myth, then boldly sets its archetypes afire.

"But we WHALERS. We can Kill/ whales We could get on top/ of a whale and WAIL." blares the painted verse atop a wall-sized mural, the fifth in dialogue with Burch's ongoing graphic novel, The Missed Adventures of Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Death in the Land of Shadows. Excerpted from "Wailers," by the late Black Arts poet Amiri Baraka, the lines grant context for the goings-on below. Absent of the expected signifiers (whither, Br'er Fox?), Br'er Rabbit curls into a Chuck-Berry guitar jam below a broad, blanched sky. To his left, "Br'er Death," the artist's narrative invention, dances a garish jig, lanky bones a tangle aside his sharp-eared friend.

Complementing this looming illustration, thirteen serving trays face us like mirrors, some depicting a variation on the "Pirate Jenny" trope made famous by jazz singer Nina Simone. Upon each jet-black surface, a portrait stares back in stark whites and grays - a bearded tramp with hat askew, a fortune teller catching her face mid-laugh, a striped owl with vacant eyes. Collected by the artist at flea markets, thrift shops, and estate sales, the trays themselves recall traditions of domestic servitude in the Old South - their language of ritual, inheritance, and formality revised to accommodate a wise, if wayward, cast of characters from Burch's graphic novel.

On the next wall hangs a series of disembodied tongues, amulets against Burch's dark story world. Their grotesque tactility - dotted buds visible - is tempered by their banal presentation: each centered within a basic frame that from a distance belies its visceral contents. Cut off from their original owners, the tongues disquiet in their quietude, rendered all the more disarming next to "Stepping Razors," Burch's functional harmonicas with retractable straight razors.

Cbabi Bayoc

Kinky Observation

October 2015

Show images here

Nick Schleicher


September 2015

images here

Michael Hoffman

New Paintings

July 2015

Images here

Hoffman LaChance Contemporary and Metro Arts in Transit


MetroScapes 2015

Images here

June 5 - June 13

Ten Posters produced by Arts in Transit for St. Louis Metro Bus Shelters

Featured Images by St Louis Regional Artists:

Lyndon Barrois, Wonder

David Chappell, Cosmic Solemnity

Alex Cunningham, Keepings

Marcis Curtis, Basil Kincaid

Julie Heller, Moonrise Over St. Louis

Alicia LaChance, Walking City

Jane Birdsall-Lander and Sarah Lander, World Peace

Megan Rieke, I hear Ya, Sisyphus. I hear Ya

Mark Swain, Turtle

Angela Vories, Wise Words-Rosa Parks

Stan Chisholm Solo Art Exhibition At Hoffman LaChance Contemporary

Opening reception friday May 8th 6-10pm

Images Here

Paintings, Drawings, Relief Sculptures, Installations & Songs exploiting Confetti and the illusion of it's infinite, omnipotent, and collective nature.

- Plus -

The "Chrimore-a-Thon" Rap Performance at 8:18PM

C o n f e t t i .


Belinda Lee

New Portraits

April 17th - May 2nd

Show images here

My aim is to show people in their specific situational context amidst the ever changing and often challenging cultural forces that frame our world. I strive to record and interpret the multiple layers of environmental and circumstantial factors that manifest in the individual, as well as inferring the way the individual may view themselves. I see myself as a visual anthropologist collecting and describing data that details a difficult, changing and complicated world. I am driven to portray people that I perceive as on the edge or in a transitional state. These representations may be subtle or extreme and may reflect class, generational, economic or personal shifts. My subjects become archetypes that represent who we are both collectively and individually as people. In these paintings I hope to carry forward the tradition of portraiture in a viable and meaningful way.

Microscopes and Binoculars

curated by Michael Wille

March 20 - April 11

opening reception friday March 20th 6pm - 10pm

with talk by curator Michael Wille at 8pm

Exhibit Pics Here

Review in STL Magazine by Daniel Stumeier

Danielle Spradley

The Pursuit of Happiness

Feb 13th - 28th

opening reception friday Feb.13th 6pm-10pm

Show Images HERE

Alicia LaChance

New Village - Fieldtapes from Mound City

23 january - february 2015

Opening reception Friday January 23 6-10pm

Show images here

Peat Wollaeger

EYEZ on TRAINS 12/12/2014!

opening reception December 12 from 6-10pm

Artwork Pics Here

Watch video preview here

David Langley - New paintings and assemblages

November 2014

Gallery show pictures here

Albert Yowshien Kuo

curated by Jon Cournoyer

Oct 10th 6-10pm

Painting pics here


Side Scroller

Jeremy Rabus

show images

September 12th - 27th 2014

Reception on friday august 29th 6-10pm

Alfonso Fernandez

One weekend show with work from Paul Art Space resident

Reception on friday august 29th 6-10pm

pics here

My Extended Family



A monochromatic exhibition involving designers & printmakers exploring typography through art.

Opening Reception: May 30th * 6-10pm * Free and open to the public


Beer graciously sponsored by 4 Hands Brewing Company

Tunes provided by DJ MAKossa

Treats bestowed upon us by Sweet Art Bakeshop

Show images HERE

My Mexican Paintings

New work from

Craig Downs

and Book release!

may 9th - 24th

Opening reception May 9th 6-10pm

Advance Pattern

New work from

Casey Miller

pics here

April 18th - May 3rd

Ron Laboray

'at play in the fields of our stuff'

March 7th-29th

Opening reception March 7th from 6-10pm

Show Images here

Video interview by Dickson Beall

I enjoy making work that is beautiful, sometimes humorous, and about real or imagined places that we all share. I am interested in topics that provide insight into current popular culture and that allow me, and the audience, a chance at self-reflection. Conceptual, procedural and actual distances are how I like to consider the idea of abstraction and or representation. For this exhibition the painting's references range from the fuzzy memory of common photographs to the formal mapping of fictitious locations.

Ron Laboray

One weekend only - Feb 28 from 6-10pm

The Skin I Have Been Living In

Mokulito-Lithography on the Wood of Ewa Budka (Budkalito)

When the human body is cut, the skin begins a new story: a story of the past, pain, restoration, memory, and the scar. This story is a universal lesson of pure reality. Budka illuminates these stories by replacing the cold, lifeless lithographer's stone with swelling, breathing wood - wood that already has its own life story embedded within its grain. The wood absorbs Budka's drawings and incantations, forming an emotive picture of primal instincts, a cosmos of natural reactions - pain, frustration, animality, sexuality and love. But it is the skin that tells the body's story. In Budka's work the wood is the body and the paper becomes the skin that retains and maps the imprint of affectivity within the matrix of its own cellular structure.

Pioneering an Earth-friendly approach to the lithographic process, the alchemy of Mokulito allows Ewa to substitute water for chemicals. While printer's ink sticks to the applied oil-based mediums (crayons, markers, pencils, and paint) water repels the ink from the untouched areas of the wood body keeping the original image intact for multiple printings and further manipulation.

Ewa Budka is a Master printmaker and fashion model. She graduated in May 2013 from the Department of Graphic Art and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with the Rector's honors. Hoffman LaChance Contemporary is proud to host her show "The Skin I Have Been Living In" while she fulfills her residency at Paul Art Space.


Christopher Burch

Stepping Razors: Chapter 22 "Dem Bloodletting Blues"

January 17th 2013


Images Here

review of 'The Missed-Adventures of Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Death in the Land of Shadows' at Aggregate Space

Another review in The Micro Giant

Christopher Burch and Hoffman Lachance Contemporary are pleased to present "The Missed Adventures of Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Death in the Land of Shadows: Stepping Razors, Chapter 22-Dem Bloodletting Blues" an exhibition of new mixed media works, reassembled found objects, and a large scale narrative mural. "Stepping Razors, Chapter 22-Dem Bloodletting Blues," will be Burch's second solo exhibition with Hoffman Lachance Contemporary since "The Sleep of Reason" of 2010.
The pieces in "Stepping Razors" draw from Burch's ongoing graphic narrative project "The Missed Adventures of Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Death in the Land of Shadows." In this project the trickster figure is championed as an embodiment of ambiguity and ambivalence, calling into question fundamental assumptions about the way the world is organized and, at times, offering new possibilities of transforming it. Acting as the shadow, brother/sister, teacher, and enemy/ally of the historical southern trickster figure of "Br'er Rabbit", Burch's own character "Br'er Death" reveals that the trickster's antics are at their root never comedic but serious gestures of resistance within a hostile environment
In the exhibition, "Stepping Razors," Burch not only re-contextulizes but remixes the Br'er Rabbit folklore with his own afro-surreal aesthetics. Further rotting theses stories within an encompassing cultural, material, and political worldview that extends beyond the local. By exposing traditions of subversive storytelling/mythology, narratives that "challenge the taken for granted," Burch makes visible the connections between particular lives and social organization.

"Surface is an illusion of protection-a false border"

New Wilderness

Dec 6th - 28th

Ahzad Bogosian

New Wilderness



New work from Jon Cournoyer

November 8th-30th

Opening reception November 8th 6-10pm

Artwork pics here

Artist talk at gallery Sunday November 10th at 2pm

"Jon Cournoyer creates art from objects of the past, but he's not in the nostalgia business. His layered collages are carefully built from last century's storybook images, bits of advertising, postcards and strange sigils from who-knows-where, but not as a simple statement of "Ah, the old days." Instead, Cournoyer imbues each piece with a secret narrative -- every object is integral to the story inherent in the larger whole, and it's up to the viewer to decipher that story. The more you look the more you see, but careful examination is useless without intuition; the more you feel each of his works, the more you know about each one. That inspired connectivity is the gift locked in all of his work."


Zombie show

images here

October 11th


Group show of artists interpretations of the myth, horror and humor of Zombies through sculpture, painting, drawing, photo and mixed media.

Saturday October 5th 6-10pm

Benjamin Lowder

"Myth, Math & Magic"

Exhibition by Benjamin Lowder

'The spell cast by the last century of advertising, to create a consumer culture, will be broken by this exhibition. Benjamin Lowder has worked as a designer for fifteen years bringing creative design solutions to fields ranging from architecture to advertising. Lowder has emerged as a contemporary polymath drawing on his passion for geometry, mythology and semiotics. He is currently serving as a design consultant to the preservation of R. Buckminster Fuller's original geodesic dome home in Carbondale IL, and is using his exhibition, Myth, Math & Magic as a fund-raising effort to complete the dome's preservation. "Preserving Fuller's original dome home is an important declaration of our contemporary cultural values," says Lowder.

One Hybrid Moment

New work from Christopher Paquet

Opening with artist saturday Sept 14th 6-10pm

Show images here

Aug 16-31 2013

Paul Artspace teams up with Hoffman LaChance Contemporary for special exhibition 'Sisyphus Americana' - with Irish artists Carl Giffney and Andreas Kindler von Knobloch

Michael Hoffman

New Paintings

July 14th - August 10th

Show images here

Review in STL Beacon by Sarah Hermes Griesbach

Review in West End Word by Dickson Beall

Jeremy Rabus

Everything Else is Everything Else

Friday June 14th 6-10pm

Show images here

Burn 353

Opening rception May 10 6-10pm

May 10- June 1

Show images here

STL Beacon review by Sarah Hermes Griesbach

Jeremy Long - New Paintings

Opening reception Friday April 5th from 6-10pm

April 5th - 27th

Jeremy Long, is an Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing. He received his BFA from The Kansas City Art Institute and his MFA from The American University in Washington D.C. He has exhibited widely throughout the United States, most recently at Quidley & Company Fine Art Gallery in Boston MA ,The Bowery Gallery in N.Y.C., Linda Warren Gallery in Chicago Il, and the Swope Museum of American Art in Terre Haute, IN. Since 2007 he has been an active member in the painting collective Midwest Paint Group.

Exhibit photos HERE

'On the Shoulders of....'

revisiting/reworking thriftstore paintings,photos,sculpture, etc.

Opening reception Friday March 8th 6-10pm

Images here

Participating artists -

Alicia LaChance, Amy Bautz, Amy VanDonsel, Ben Pierce, Bryan Walsh, Burn 353, Casey Miller, Chris Harris, Christopher Burch, Christopher Paquet, Dana Smith, Daniel Burnett, Daniel Gaeng, Daniel Jefferson, Danielle Spradley, David Langley, Deb Douglas, Dik Downey, Jason Spencer, Jay Alan Babcock, Jeremy Rabus, Joey Potts, Jon Cournoyer, Joy Tiyasirachokchai, Justin Tolentino, Kit Keith, Kris Mosby , Michael Hoffman, Michael Kilfoy, Michael Wille, Myles Keough, Neil Vandervloed, Peat Wollaeger, Peter Pranschke, Phil Jarvis, Robert Longyear, Ron Buechele, Revise CMW, Ruben Aguirre, Sam Davis, Sandra Marchewa, Sarah Giannobile, Seth Coston, Stan Chisholm, Tim Meehan, William LaChance


New paintings from Michael Wille

Feb1st - 23rd

opening reception with the artist Feb 1st from 6pm - 10pm

Refreshments provided - open to the public!

Show images here

RFT review by Jessica Baran here

Home Life in Far Away Lands

New work from Jon Cournoyer

Opening reception Friday November 2nd 2012 from 6pm-10pm

RFT review by Jessica Baran

"Jon Cournoyer layers beautiful images that recall the happiness of childhood days, but that are also tinged with the dread menace of childhood nights. His materials are old picture books, aspirational novels for girls, treasuries of verse and his own arcane sense of balance. For his new exhibition, Home Life in Far Away Lands, the familiar angelic young ladies and golden seals are once again set against their stately text fields, but there's something new -- images of the night sky are a recurrent feature. Are these constellations the far away lands of the show's title? That's the true beauty of Cournoyer's work; there's always a narrative for you to unravel and make each piece your own. These are storybooks written in image, half-remembered adventures made manifest.

Home Life in Far Away Lands opens with a free public reception from 6 to 10 p.m. Friday, November 2, at Hoffman LaChance Contemporary (2713 Sutton Boulevard, Maplewood; 314-960-5322 or www.hoffmanlachancefineart.com).

The show remains up through November 25, and the gallery is open Friday and Saturday (and by appointment). - By PAUL FRISWOLD"

Images HERE

Alternative Cloud Research

Vadim Gershman

Saturday September 29th


RFT Review by Jessica Baran

Images Here

Titles and medium

Artist statement

Alternative Cloud Research is a platform for exploring the meta-physical dimensions of Google earth. It is an automated image archive as well as a collectionof non-utilitarian objects created on the basis of this research.


'A Moment In Time'

New paintings by Elizabeth Knoblauch

Oil paintings made from old photos of people and landscapes from the surrounding area of artsts home in France.

June 8th -- June 30th

Opening reception friday June 8th 6-10pm

Images HERE

'Twilight Canopy'

New paintings by Jeremy Rabus

images HERE

May 4th -- May 26th

Opening reception friday May 4th 6-10pm

April 6th - April through April 28th

'For the Record'

paintings of Giovanna Cassilly

Opening reception Friday evening April 6th from 6 til 12

refreshments provided + music from 18andCounting

Review in Examiner by M.T.Erickson here

Images Here


Dec. 9th - Jan 7th

Peat Wollaeger

The Work here

Peats Peeps here

Review by Jessica Baran here



Nov 4th - 26th

'In Plain Air'

Paintings from Christopher Paquet and Seth Coston

Show Images Here


Jenna Bauer

New Paintings, Drawings Archived & Flat Filed 1997-2011

One weekend show

August 19 , 20 and 21

Reception with artist friday August 19th 6pm - 10pm

June - July

Michael Hoffman

RFT review


One Weekend show - June 3,4 and 5

Jessica Hargreaves and Susan Kraut

May 6th - May 28th 2011

Opening reception May 6th from6pm - 10pm

Group show Curated by Michael Wille

Review by Ivy Cooper in Saint Louis Beacon

Review by Jessica Baran Saint Louis Art Capsules RFT

Review by Sarrita Hunn in temporaryartreview.com


Zachary Buchner - Melissa Oresky - Michael Perrone - Thomas Vance - Jeffrey Cortland Jones

Linnea Paskow - Trew Schreifer - Michael Wille - Gianna Commito - Jared Sprecher - John Kissick -

Outliers: New paintings by Jeremy Rabus

Opening Reception: Friday, April 8th, 2011, 6pm -10pm

April 8th - April 30th, 2011

Round About -

Work from Pele Prints

March 14 - March 31, 2011

February 4th - February 26

Opening reception Feb. 4th 6pm - 10pm

John Talbott Allen

'2,192 Little Pieces'

November 5th - 27th

Opening reception Nov. 5th 6pm - 10pm

Dana Smith

'One Night Plays'

October 1st - 30th

Opening reception Oct. 1st 6pm - 10pm

Jon Cournoyer

'Not Coming Home'

RFT review by Jessica Baran

September 3rd - 25th.

Stan Chisholm


June 4th thru June 26th

Christopher Burch


Opening reception June 4th 6-10pm

Christopher Paquet

'Into the Void'

May 2010

Michael Wille

'Gates and Ways'

Opening reception friday April 2nd 6pm - 10pm

"The Pangaea Project"

new work by Jeremy Rabus

Opening reception March 5th from 6pm - 10pm

It's Getting Light

Jan 15th to Feb 13th

New work from Christopher Gustave and Julie Malone

opening reception Friday Jan 15th from 6-10pm

The Studio Chronicle interview

RFT Review (Baran)

October 16th thru November 14th

Jon Cournoyer

'Empire of Dust'

The Studio Chronical interview (D.B.Smith)

Rft review (Friswold)

RFT review (Baran)

September 18th thru October 10th

Charley Edelman and Robert Longyear

'Sharing Skin'

'Waves and Rococo'

May 29 - July 4

Opening reception with the artist 6pm to 10pm Friday May 29th

Good wine and food from Sashas Wine Bar

Jeralds work can be found in the collections of the Solomon R. Guggenheim, the Studio Museum in Harlem, the St. Louis Art Museum, the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and the UBS Art Collection Los Angeles.

Artist bio here

'Waves and Rococo paintings'

Jerald Ieans in RFT

Artist statement

Pics from opening

Friday April 17th 6pm - 10pm

'Location; In Formation'

Jeremy Rabus

'Presence at a Distance' - sculpture into architecture

Group exhibit May 2nd - May 9th

opening reception May 2nd 6-10

Benefit for NEST

Wednesday May 13th 5:30pm to 9:00pm

more info for NEST here

HLC is relocating to 2713 Sutton Blvd

Our grand re-opening is Friday February 13th 6pm-10pm

Promo in RFT

Friday February 13th thru Saturday March 14th


Jon Cournoyer,

Brian Kuhlmann/Joslyn Beta Lawrence,

Jerald Ieans

Gina Alvarez,

Jim Daniels,

Jeremy Rabus,

Sarah Giannobile,

William LaChance,

Alicia LaChance

and Michael Hoffman.

Group Show artwork

Opening night photos

Culture Surfer interview

Poetry Scores benefit November 21st 2008

'Nailed Seraphim' Curtis Lyle

Silent art auction fundraiser for AIDS Lifecycle 7 on Sunday May 4th from 4pm - 8pm. Enjoy food and drinks and bid on the artwork of:

Tom Huck, Anne Treager Huck, Jerald Ieans, Jorge Martinez, Laura Beard, Jenna Bauer, Wade Crowder, Carly Main, Riccardo Hayes, Andy Millner, Ken Calcaterra, Heather Reed, Anne Owens, Nancy Holtz, Bill Christman, Anne Molaskey Ibur, Dimitri Kabbaz, Keith Kelly, Alicia LaChance and Michael Hoffman.

Music by DJ Love and The Magic Tree.

Support Rommie Martinez on her third Life Cycle ride!

Friday April 4th -


opening reception with the artist

Michael Wille

Group show in second room


Andy Messerschmidt

Tom Vance

Jeffrey Jones

Washington University sculpture exhibit

feb 15th 2008

'hold me tighter' performance

November 30th holiday group show

November 9th

Go South for Animal Index Invitational Exhibition and Poetry Score Release party

Friday October 5th

RFT review

Jon Cournoyer showcard

End Middle and Beginning

new works from Jon Cournoyer

October 5th thru November 5th

'Character Development'

Friday September 14 8pm - Midnight

Alex Petrowsy

Dani Kantrowitz

Peter Pranske

Benjie Heu

Sounds by DJ Eric Hall

'Art and Cinema'

July 13th group show featuring

Jerald Ieans, Michael Behle, Doug Kassabaum, Belinda Lee, Matt O'Shea, Michael Hoffman, William LaChance and Alicia LaChance.

July 14th Rendevous Cinema

French New Wave Cinema's defining films,

6pm * Truffaut's The 400 Blows

8pm * Godard's Breathless

Graphic in Nature March 2007

Max Key and Christopher Paquet

'Clue - a photographic interpretation' by

Hope Edwards

Washington University Sculpture Exhibit

February 9th 2007

November group show with over 20 local artists

Grand opening with Jon Cournoyer and Jake Cruzen