Barry Leibman

An Anthology of Sudden Fiction

New Paintings

October 4 - 26

Opening Reception Oct 4 from 6-10pm

Exhibit pics here


Sudden Fiction, like Flash Fiction, is a term used to describe short-short stories. They usually range in length from one to three pages. A few writers, such as Diane Williams, who's stories in 1990 first caught my attentionwith her book, "This is About The Body, The Mind, The Soul, The World, Time, and Fate," used this literary form almost exclusively. There are now many anthologies of this genre.

Sudden Fiction, as most writing, isn't written in a single burst. It takes time and numerous revisions. These paintings reflect a similar process, both in size (Length) and in the manner in which they develop over time. Likewise, they are concerned with multiple ideas and feelings, not just with a single subject matter.


- Barry Leibman